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How do mercenaries work?

Talk about anything mod or AoE3 related. Show us how strategical you are.

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Post Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:26 am

How do mercenaries work?

Man your mod is great. I downloaded it mainly because, unlike other mods, you put a lot of effort into mercenaries, which are my absolute favorite feature of AOE 3. Since i read about what this mod had to offer i was excited about the new mercenaries and how they are supposed to work. However i still don't get it. So here is the deal.

1.-As far as I know, outlaws are the units that depend on the map, right?
2.- Lets say i want to use poleaxeman or dove assassins, are there some specific maps or civs that have them or mercenaries just appear randomly each game regardeless of the map or civ? Im talking specifically about those 2 because i havent even seen them while i get barbary corsairs and manchu archers all the time (i hate manchu archers btw).
3.- The civ specific mercenaries like highlanders (i love highlanders btw) are randomly available to other civs in the command post?
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Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 4:39 pm

Re: How do mercenaries work?

1. Each map has 2 outlaws and they are the first 2 mercs in the building. Outlaws are mercs which are not randomized and are always present on that map. The other 2 mercs will be randomized. But now you can also get a 5th merc with the Command Center card (or the Asian alternative).

2. Yes, Poleaxemen will be randomized and they are also present in the HC of some civs (dunno which right now), however Doves were removed because they didn't fit very well. Instead I added an Arabian merc, the Maghrabi, and I also plan to add 2 more mercs, a Romanian Hajduk (hey, don't judge me) and some kind of African merc.

3. Yes, Highlanders are now only available to British to train via the Command Center card, or to other civs to send from HC if they have a card with them. Some of the mercs have been removed from the randomizing lot and added to the Command Center card (and Asian alternative), a bonus to this is that those mercs cost Fame to train instead of gold, once you get the card to enable them. They also appear as a 5th merc and do not replace any existing mercs.

I also gave outlaws to Native civs in their Embassy (plus many other changes to the Embassy to make it a key building to have).
I hope you enjoy the mod and thanks for playing.

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