Post Thu Aug 02, 2012 10:29 am

Contact Details

If you have any kind of problems with the mod, something not working as it should, use these to contact me:
Mail: [email protected]
Skype: mandos-rex
Steam: mandosrex

I have helped a lot of people this way, Skype + Team Viewer. There hasn't been a problem I couldn't fix so far. Well, not actually true but... most problems got fixed... :D
For those who don't know, Team Viewer is a simple, free, safe program which gives a person the ability to enter someone else's PC to control and see whatever that someone sees. But the host has full control at all times.

Just google it and you'll see, everything is extremely simple and fast. Its also easier than trying to describe problems and how to fix them, with Team Viewer I can see for my self what's wrong and fix it immediately. Or as fast as I can...